What exactly is failing to yield?

When a driver has approached a stop sign and stopped, they are required to allow any vehicle that has entered the intersection to proceed before they enter. This action is called yielding the right-of-way. The same requirement applies to a yield sign or entering a highway. Drivers must also yield to a pedestrian legally crossing a road and motorcyclists, bicyclists, horseback riders and even horses and buggies.

Right-of-way rules are based on common sense, and safety and yes, courtesy. However, if you live in Queens or New York State, you know that you cannot assume the other driver is going to yield. Always choose the safest course of action because saving three seconds is not worth an accident or worse.

We at My Tickets NYC know, live and drive in Queens and NYC. We know how difficult it can be when trying to make a turn on a busy corner, especially in Manhattan where the pedestrians are continuously crossing the street. The law states that if a pedestrian is 40% of the way into the crossing, then you must let them cross. We also know that it seems impossible to make a turn unless you are a bit assertive and slowly move forward. How are you supposed to determine who is 40% into the crossing? We have faced these exact conditions and know how frustrated you feel. When you receive a ticket for attempting to make a turn, it is exasperating. My Tickets NYC, is here to defend you.

“The best service money can buy!! Truly hard-working staff and their results have proven it more than once.”

Mr. Greg Sofiev – Queens, NY

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