Source: Google
Source: Google

Google has finally launched its own range of hardware products including Pixel Phones, Google Home, Google Wifi and much more.

1. Pixel

The actual Pixel phones have finally been relieved after many leaked details floating over during past week. It is the first smartphone having built-in Google Assistant and many appealing features. The most important thing is that this is the first phone made by Google inside and out.

Price and Availability:

Google Pixel is available for pre-orders for $647 or $27/month from Google Store in USA, Canada, Australia, Germany and UK.

2. Daydream View

Google has unveiled its first flagship VR headset with a controller, collectively termed as Daydream View. The newly introduced controller is claimed to be precise enough that you can even write your name in VR using this.

Price and Availability:

Daydream View will be available for pre-orders in November 2016, for $79 only.

3. Google Wifi

Google Wifi is a portable device that you can place anywhere in your home. It will broadcast Wifi signals like any router but the wonder is that it can connect to another Google Wifi device to broadcast the Wifi so that you can enjoy best signals in every room.

Price and Availability:

Single device will cost $129 while a pack of 3 Google Wifi devices will be offered for $299. It will be available for pre-orders in November 2016.

4. Chromecast Ultra

Google has removed the major drawback of its video-streaming devices. Chromecast Ultra can now stream 4k videos and thinner is size as well.

Price and Availability:

Chromecast Ultra will be available for pre-orders against $69, in November 2016.

5. Google Home

Google Home is another addition to Internet of Things. It enables to voice control your home devices, listen to music or speak to Google Assistant. Google Home may give a tough competition to Amazon’s Echo.

Price and Availability:

Google Home is available for pre-orders for $129 with a 6 months free trial of Youtube Red.

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