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Yes, you can run Linux inside Windows 10 without a Virtual Machine. It can be done using Windows Subsystem for Linux. This tutorial covers installation of Ubuntu 18.04 inside Windows 10.

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Microsoft has its own version of its tutorial titled as Windows Subsystem for Linux Installation Guide for Windows 10. We have simplified it for beginners. You can follow the Visual Guide given below to install Linux (Ubuntu 18.04 LTS) inside Windows 10.

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Open Start Menu and Click Gear Icon to Open Settings

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Search “features” and click “Turn Windows features on or off” as shown in screenshot

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Check Mark “Windows Sybsystem for Linux” and press OK

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  • Open Microsoft Store from Start Menu
  • Search Ubuntu
  • Click “Ubuntu 18.04 LTS”
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Click Install

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Open Start Menu; search and click “Bash”. This screen will appear. Wait for its completion.

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Once the installation is completed, enter a username & password of your choice. Password will not appear while typing so its normal.

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Congratulations! We’re done!

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Note: You can install any other supported distribution of Linux inside Windows 10 using same steps as mentioned above.

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