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An organic products company, ethanol distributor and insurance company recently bought domain names.

This week is a double issue of end user sales from Sedo since we skipped last week for Thanksgiving. There are a lot of the domains on the list this week, led by Kush.com at $500,00. The buyer is unknown at you could stretch to say it might be an investor, but it appears the buyer is building out the site.

Kush.com was one of 29 end user sales I uncovered.

Check out the list below, and you can view previous lists like this here.

Kush.com $500,000 – The buyer isn’t known yet, but the site is under development. Apparently, the domain wasn’t worth $3 million.

Databased.com $12,000 – Databased is a sales team analytics company.

Nedstar.com $11,500 – Nedstar sells ethanol and various chemicals.

SkyOrganics.com $11,500 – This forwards to Sky Organics.us; the .com is now owned by a health and beauty organic products company.

Wugen.com $9,999 – Wugen is a biotech company that is creating gene editing technology.

Potex.com €8,000 – An acronym that stands for Perpetual Options Token Exchange. According to the site, it will house a new global asset derivatives token exchange.

ICATOnline.com $6,000 – ICAT Managers, LLC is an insurance claims service that owns the domain name ICAT.com.

TeamGenius.com $5,300 – Team Genius Systems, Inc. provides software to evaluate sports player performance, helping them manage tryouts, camps, etc. It has been using the domain MyTeamGenius.com.

Blague.com €4,888 – Blague is French for joke and this website offers exactly that.

PMSol.com $4,700 – This is short for Program Management Solutions, a company that uses the loooong domain programmanagementsolutions.net.

Colouration.com $4,000 – Colouration will be a cosmetics company launching next year.

Bauerfeind.in €3,500 – Bauerfeind AG is a German health care equipment company. This purchase was likely defensive.

PlaceTag.com $3,495 – This looks to be a new company from Magical, a science and technology startup company that invents, funds, and incubates new technologies into businesses.

Frutop.com $3,300 – Frutop sells netting systems to protect crops, parking lots and more. It uses the domain Frutop.it, and the .com now forwards to the Italian ccTLD.

Xreference.com $3,200 – Xreference is a business administration system.

Pocas.com $3,200 – Pocas International sells healthy foods and drinks.

Triploop.com $3,200 – Triploop offers technology for group trip providers…think itineraries, updating about travel changes, etc.

SI24.com $3,000 – Signal Iduna is an insurance company that uses the domain name SI24.de.

SysConf.com $3,000 – SysConf Limited is a Unix consulting company in Hong Kong.

Advertas.com $3,000 – Purchased by Advertas, which claims to be “The Technology Company’s Marketing Firm”. This is a full-service marketing agency out of Houston, TX.

Cipatex.com $3,000 – A manufacturer of fabric coverings operating out of São Paulo, Brazil. They now own the .com of their company name but are still using Cipatex.com.br for their website.

DentsuaegisNetwork.at €2,999 – Currently forwards to Dentsu.at. Dentsu Aegis Network, or “DAN”, is an Austrian Digital Communications Agency and Network.

SchutzShoes.com $2,988 – Women’s shoes company Schutz Shoes. It forwards this domain to Schutz-Shoes.com.

MandMInsurance.com $2,700 – Musselwhite & Michel Insurance LLC in Mississippi.

AmbienteDirect.nl €2,500 – Forwards to Ambientedirect.com, the site for Ambiente Direct, an furniture and design eCommerce siteWith this purchase they now own the ccTLD for the Netherlands.

Viewsport.com $2,400 – ViewSPORT is an athletic clothing company that uses the domain name Viewsport.us.

TidePowderMBG.com $2,392 – Procter & Gamble for obvious reasons.

Comprara.com £2,390 – Comprara is a procurement services company.

Spreadshirt.co $2,000 – Print-on-demand company Spreadshirt bought yet another domain on Sedo.

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